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Beginning Monday, concealed handgun license holders are allowed to carry their weapons at state colleges and universities in Texas. Not everyone’s happy about it.

UT System Chancellor McRaven Blasts Top 10 Percent Rule

Jan 22, 2016
Shelby Knowles / Texas Tribune

University of Texas System Chancellor Bill McRaven argued in two separate public appearances this week that the state should consider scrapping its top 10 percent automatic admissions rule, saying it hurts the prestige of his flagship university. 

David Mead / University of Texas

We’ve heard about open carry, the new law now in effect in Texas. It allows license holders to openly carry guns. Later this year, another gun law called campus carry goes into effect. Guns must be concealed at colleges. Campuses are trying to figure out how the new law will work.

A Sharpshooting Dissenter To Campus Carry

Feb 10, 2015

College students in Texas could bring guns into their classrooms, cafeterias, and dorms and everywhere else on campus, if lawmakers in Austin pass a campus carry bill. The Chancellor of the University of Texas System thinks this is a bad idea. 

Courtesy UT Arlington

The chancellor for the University of Texas System, William McRaven, says Texans should be charged in-state tuition at Texas colleges, regardless of their immigration papers. That’s the law right now, although it’s become a hot debate among legislators who want it repealed. 

Concealed Carry Would Make College Campuses Less Safe, UT Chancellor Says

Jan 30, 2015
Courtesy UT Arlington

Allowing concealed weapons to be carried on college and university campuses would create "less-safe" environments, University of Texas System Chancellor William McRaven wrote in a letter to legislative leaders on Thursday.

Courtesy UT Arlington

As an admiral, William McRaven traveled around the world. Now, as the new head of the University of Texas system, he’s been traveling across Texas. His most recent stop was at UT Arlington for a meeting with major donors. It was his first visit to North Texas as chancellor.