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Zebra Mussels Now In Lake Bridgeport

Jun 27, 2013

The destructive zebra mussels continue their north Texas invasion. They’ve just been confirmed in Wise County’s Lake Bridgeport, which is owned by the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Last week, they were found in Lake Lewisville.

The small, sharp mussels multiply on hard surfaces like docks and pipes, which they clog, and cut people’s feet.  Mike Cox, with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, says it gets worse.

“They eat nutrients in the water and eat bait fish and if you lose bait fish, that affects game fish like bass and catfish. It can really cause a devastating effect on a body of water."

Cox says zebra mussels are almost impossible to kill, despite repeated efforts. That’s why he urges boaters to clean, drain and dry boats before taking it to another Texas lake.