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Woman Returns Rock Taken From Texas State Park Because She ‘Had Nothing But Bad Luck’

Oct 11, 2017

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Texas Parks and Wildlife gets stolen rock back in the mail; how much Harvey will cost the state; some Texans try Chipotle queso so you don’t have to; and more.

Chalk it up to bad karma or Jiminy Cricket, but a state park visitor had to return a rock she took from the grounds because she said she had rotten luck with it in her possession.

A woman named Maria sent a handwritten note to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials recently for taking a small token from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area — a prehistoric campground north of Fredericksburg.

The parks and wildlife department posted the letter on its Facebook page Monday.

The note reads: “I’m returning this rock to it’s [sic] owner (Enchanted Rock). I’ve had nothing but bad luck since I took it. Sorry I did it. P.S. Not able to do it in person.”

Maria had the right instinct to return the rock.  Federal and state laws prohibit collecting plants, animals and artifacts. The parks and wildlife department encourages visitors to “Preserve the past for the future by leaving artifacts in place and reporting locations to park staff.”  

Maria didn’t elaborate on her “bad luck” in the note, but perhaps returning the rock gave her peace of mind or at least helped her narrow her leads.

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