White Christmas Brings Charm, Slight Inconvenience To DFW | KERA News

White Christmas Brings Charm, Slight Inconvenience To DFW

Dec 26, 2012

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Fashionable snowpeople made famous, Fantasy Snowfall League, National Food Lab-approved leftovers and more.

The wintry mix that hit DFW yesterday mostly left us quaint views in the morning, with some stallage for air travelers who'll have to enjoy the scenery here for a few more hours. Airlines at DFW Airport report about 40 departure cancelations.  By 9 a.m., TxDOT ruled at least 95 percent of North Texas roads clear for returning to real life after the holiday. 

Other areas were less lucky. NPR's Mark Memmott is tracking storm damage around the U.S. 

  • Well-timed supply made for particularly fashionable snowpeople famous in the media this Christmas. A New Orleans Saints-worshipping snowbro built in Dallas by Carin Washington made it to the Chicago Weather Center blog. This snowperson featured by WFAA warmed up a Providence Village yard, pairing a straw hat with a fiery orange shawl.
  • For those of us who thought naming winter storms wasn't weather-geeky enough, this may be nirvana: the Weather Channel is starting a Fantasy Snowfall League. The rules are confounding, the concept pretty crazy. But for stat addicts coming off the NFL fantasy high, the FSL might be just the right jolt. [Weather Channel] -- Rick Holter

  • How long can you plan around those leftovers crowding the fridge?  According to NPR's Dan Charles, your holiday spread may last longer than you think. Experts at the National Food Lab monitor the decline in quality of oft-consumed goods like bag salad and fruit juice. Turns out you probably won't get sick if you eat food past its sell-by date. But it may not taste or look so good. [NPR
  •  Police discovered a cockfighting ring in Oak Cliff this weekend that included 200 live roosters. The notably large operation apparently left 15 roosters dead. About 70 cars were left on the scene. Police managed to find and ticket 23 people for attending. [Unfair Park]