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Voters At GOP Senate Debate Evaluate Candidates [Video]

Jun 25, 2012

Some of the undecided Republican voters attending Friday’s U.S. Senate debate between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst say they now know who they will support, though most with seats in the KERA studio haven’t changed their minds.

The five voters who backed the lieutenant governor before the debate say they still do because of his resume which he emphasized.

“I formed a business from scratch and built it up,” Dewhurst said as the debate was broadcast live by television and radio stations across the state.

“Then I tried to take my business skills to Austin and we’ve created the very best economy in the entire country.” he added.

McKinney businessman Richard Dodson said that experience and maturity is what he wants from his next senator.

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“If you’re going to have brain surgery do you want someone just out of medical school or someone who’s been practicing 20 years? Ok. I want Mr. Dewhurst,” said Dodson.

Watching Dewhurst underscore his business and government experience moved two of the undecided voters into the lieutenant governor’s column.

Jamal Qaddura, an Arlington legal assistant, said, “Ted seems to be a man who knows his subject, knows how to talk. On the other side I noticed and felt throughout the debate that our lieutenant governor is more experienced through his service to the CIA and being the lieutenant governor.”

But the five voters who came to the debate favoring Cruz also said their choice was reinforced by hearing the litigator’s energetic message.

Cruz told them, “My record is one of spending a lifetime of fighting to defend the Constitution and winning on a national level.”

Dallas Attorney Debbie Georgatos said she supports Cruz because she thinks he’ll stand his ground while Dewhurst will cut a deal.

“We are not going to be well served choosing a dealmaker, a compromiser because of where we are in our history in America. I’m very concerned about our country so I want to see a strong fighter,” she said.

Plano store manager Amanda Newman was undecided before the debate but Cruz’s evangelical defense of the constitution won her vote.

“He’s a champion for the constitution and I believe he’s going to go up there and he’s going to fight for us and our constitution and most importantly foreign policy and the U.N. The U.N. doesn’t belong in the U.S.,” Newman said.

Three of the 16 voters said they’re still undecided. They said they’re trying to sort through candidate accusations and separate the politics from the truth.