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Voters Casting Ballots In Twice-Delayed Primary

After lengthy legal battles over voting district lines, the Texas primaries have finally come.

Among the most-closely watched races will be the contest between long-serving Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and tea party favorite Ted Cruz. They’re considered the leading candidates for the Republican nomination to replace retiring U-S Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The contest headlines 170 major competitive races statewide., including one for the newly created Congressional District 33. It covers portions of Dallas and Tarrant counties.

You’ll find an election guide at and live election coverage begins tonight at 7 here on 90.1.

Sam Baker, KERA News

Texas voters: Late primary didn't affect them

Texas voters are saying the late primary didn't influence their decision to cast a ballot, though they acknowledge the nearly three-month delay might play a role in expected low turnout.

There were small trickles of voters at several polling stations around the state Tuesday. Campaign workers holding signs outnumbered voters at a South Texas elementary school, and a polling official in Houston was barely disturbed as she read an electronic book.

Nona Batiste, a 65-year-old retired teacher voting in Euless, said she would have voted whether the primary date had been early, late or "the day before the sun came up."

Tom Bass, who voted in Houston, said turnout might be low because a "change of the date is a change in habit."


Man falls to death from crane in Dallas standoff

A man dangled from the cab of a150-foot construction crane before falling to his death early Tuesday at a college campus in Dallas, ending a more than 14-hour standoff.

The man, whose name hasn't been released, had spent a sweltering Monday afternoon on the crane at the Southern Methodist University campus before the standoff went into the night.

Authorities are investigating if the man hours earlier had stolen a truck and whether he was armed.

Dallas police say two officers who climbed the crane discovered the man had sprayed a greasy substance near the cab. The man pulled himself out of the cab and was holding on with just his hands before he dropped to his death.

Police did not immediately say if a weapon was recovered.


2 allegedly furnish alcohol after Weatherford prom

Two North Texas adults have been accused of providing alcohol for an after-prom party that drew more than 100 teens and left three hurt.

The Parker County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday said investigators want to know if the suspects are related to any of the minors.

The Weatherford High School prom was April 28. Deputies later responded to a complaint about a party in Millsap.

Deputies say 50-year-olds Patricia Parrish Linn and Gregory Ray Wright appeared to be watching the teens drink.

Both were arrested Thursday on charges of furnishing alcohol to minors, then freed on $1,500 bonds. Online jail records did not list attorneys for them.

One boy cut his knee during the party while another suffered a dislocated shoulder. A girl hit her head falling off a ledge.


Judge to rule on Manson family member recordings

A Texas judge is to decide whether eight hours of audio recordings of conversations between a Manson family member and his attorney should be given to Los Angeles police.

Charles "Tex" Watson is serving a life sentence for his role in the 1969 Tate-La Bianca murders. Detectives want to see if Watson discussed any unsolved killings.

Los Angeles police say they received a tip that the recordings and other items in the estate of now-deceased Texas lawyer Bill Boyd were becoming available. They say they have no specific information on what the recordings contain.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brenda T. Rhoades of Plano will consider whether the recordings should be given to police.

Watson previously made the tapes available to the co-author of his 1978 book, "Will You Die for Me"