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Two More DISD Cabinet Members Depart

Jun 20, 2013

Two more top chiefs in DISD Superintendent Mike Miles’s cabinet are leaving. At the same time, Miles announced the promotion of four employees who will become cabinet members.

Departing are the current Chief of Human Capital Management Charles Glover, who has accepted a position with the non-profit Bellwether Education Partners, and DISD Chief of Operations Kevin Smelker, who will be retiring and returning home to his family in Colorado.

Glover will work at the national level as a Senior Fellow with Bellwether.

That means at least six top level members of Miles’ handpicked team have left voluntarily or been forced out in a year or less.  

Also, Miles filled these cabinet posts:

• Current Interim Chief Financial Officer Dr. James Terry as the new Chief   Financial Officer

• Current Assistant Superintendent of Technology Services Gray Salada as the new Chief  Technology Officer

• Current Executive Director of Human Capital Management Carmen Darville as the new Chief of Human Capital Management

• Current Executive Director of Operations Wanda Paul as the Chief of Operations

In a statement, Miles said “We are thrilled to have such strong candidates inside the district to now lead the efforts of their predecessors and maintain the continuity of our work and its alignment to the Destination 2020 transformation plan,” said Miles.  “This opportunity also gives us the chance to reevaluate our needs and structure.  To that end, I believe it is important to diversify the senior administrative team with internal talent that has served the district with distinction.”