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Tropical Storm Bill 'Promises To Be A Doozy'

Jun 16, 2015

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Tropical Storm Bill is supposed to make landfall this morning at the coast; North Dallas High has the highest numbers of homeless students; Jeb Bush's campaign logo is quite the conversation starter; and more.

A tropical system is moving in today, and it could be a seriously unpleasant guest in North Texas. The National Weather Service believes Tropical Storm Bill will reach the Texas Coast Bend this morning, and the heaviest rainfall will hit the DFW area midday Wednesday. Officials have measured the storm's maximum wind speed at 50mph so far, and heavy rain will refill any lake and river water that evaporated in our week of sunshine. In the next 72 hours, runoff from high-level lakes and rivers has potential to produce as much as four inches of flooding in a large, boomerang-shaped area, stretching from the coast well into Southeast Oklahoma. We know more rain might be the last thing North Texas wants or needs, but there's good news: It will be drier and warmer this weekend with sunshine predicted. Stay vigilant and stay safe, everyone.

In case you missed it, here's the weather service's briefing on the storm over next few days:

Would a body camera have changed what happened with the officer in McKinney? State Senator Royce West thinks so, and he’s authored a bill that he expects Gov. Abbott to sign to allow police departments to receive grants to pay for body cameras. KERA News’ Lauren Silverman reports: “The Dallas Police Department will start deploying 200 cameras at the end of June, and expand to 1,000 cameras by 2020. Fort Worth has about 600 body cameras and aims to have all 800 patrol officers issued cameras.” The cost, however, is a main reason body cameras are not on more police officers already. This Wednesday on Breakthroughs — stories from the leading edge of health, science and technology — Silverman will report on a North Texas company outfitting police across the country with new technology. [KERA News]

Greg Abbott signed a bill Monday issuing $3.8 billion in tax cuts for business and possibly, homeowners. The Associated Press reported: “Approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature, the new laws reduce business taxes by 25 percent. They also create a November ballot initiative, asking voters to approve tax reductions for homeowners. If that passes, property taxes will fall about $120 annually for the average homeowner. But, in many areas, that could be swallowed up by fast-rising home appraisals.” The total tax package is worth $4 billion, when considering fee reductions. [Associated Press]

North Dallas High has not only the highest number of homeless students but also the first drop-in center in DISD. We’re wrapping up our series on homeless youth with a fourth and final feature about North Dallas High’s drop-in center for its homeless students. In this story, you’ll learn how NDHS has become a model for other schools to open similar facilities to alleviate the issues that come with homelessness and encourage positive life changes for visitors, like 16-year-old Kymberly Jackson. Explore the project to find this story as well as the latest Voices piece from 20-year-old Darek Lynch-Long. [KERA News]

Just call him Jeb! Before the announcement of his presidential run Monday in Miami, Jeb Bush unveiled his official logo for the occasion. It received a lot of flak for its simplistic, ‘90s-esque design. Perhaps, the most notable thing about the logo: It doesn’t include Jeb’s dynastic last name. Here’s what some people on Twitter had to say about it:  

Even The Washington Post had other ideas for Bush’s logo.