Top Stories: Texas House Bills On Major Deadline Today | KERA News

Top Stories: Texas House Bills On Major Deadline Today

May 11, 2017

The top local stories this morning from KERA News: Today’s the last day for legislation in the Texas House to get tentative approval.

However, lawmakers have been moving slowly all week. The Texas Tribune reports Democrats are attempting to delay a vote on several anti-abortion bills. Republicans want to put off a vote on a bill that would raise the legal age of smoking. The delays mean the calendar of bills to vote on today is 25 pages long.

The bill to rescue the Dallas Police and Fire Pension fund from insolvency is safe from today’s House deadline. It’ll go to a conference committee with House and Senate members to hammer out a final version.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has criticized the bill as a taxpayer bailout. However, Rawlings in a statement yesterday said he’s optimistic for a resolution after a meeting this week between city officials and police and fire unions.

Other stories this morning:

  • Election watchers had high hopes 2016 would be the year Hispanic voter turnout would surge in Texas - especially after President Trump made disparaging remarks about Hispanics during his campaign. Census data shows growth is much slower.
  • As Think broadcasts from NPR in Washington this week, producer Stephen Becker talked with BJ Leiderman, whose theme songs for Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other shows are the soundtrack of public radio.

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