Top Stories: Some Texas Delegates Were Among Trump Opposition | KERA News

Top Stories: Some Texas Delegates Were Among Trump Opposition

Jul 19, 2016

The top local stories this morning from KERA News:

Donald Trump will attain his party’s nomination for president at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. However, a last-ditch effort yesterday tried to prevent that.

Several states had submitted petitions for a roll call vote in an effort to unbind GOP delegates and let them vote for another candidate.

Bexar County Republican Chairman Robert Stovall was there.

“We had a handful of subordinate delegates from Texas that decided they were going to cause a little ruckus, but it calmed down,” he said.

Stovall was critical of the delegates pushing for a roll-call vote.

“It is kind of unusual that they want to vote their conscience, they signed a document to represent the people that voted for this, but they decided that their conscience was a little more elitist than the people they were gonna represent,” he said.

Stovall’s not the only Texas Republican calling for unity behind Trump.

Former Governor Rick Perry yesterday said he’s open to serving in a Trump administration. And Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, at the state convention in May, called for Texas Republicans to unite behind Trump.

Other stories this morning:

  • In the wake of deadly police ambushes in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Fort Worth officers will receive more training on the use of AR-15 rifles. This is the latest in safety protocols the police department are implementing.
  • The oil boom and downturn have affected school funding in energy-rich parts of Texas. Texas Tribune reporter Kiah Collier explains why.
  • For the first time in nearly 100 years, there will be not be a live orchestra to greet the horses and riders opening the annual Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. The Grand Entry will instead be accompanied by pre-recorded music.

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