Top Stories: Protest Over Confederate Statue Removal Scheduled; Fort Worth's Art Scene | KERA News

Top Stories: Protest Over Confederate Statue Removal Scheduled; Fort Worth's Art Scene

Sep 15, 2017

The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News:

The protest by the group called 'This Is Texas Freedom Force' is set to be held at Lee Park on Saturday, where the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed Thursday night. The Freedom Force group calls the effort to remove monuments an attack on Texas history. 

The group is encouraging attendees to openly carry guns -- if they have the proper license. The Robert E. Lee statue will be in storage as a task force works on a plan for what to do with other Dallas statues and public places named after the Confederacy. Meanwhile, the Dallas school board is discussing what to do with schools named after Confederate leaders. 


Other stories:

  • Among those recovering from Hurricane Harvey in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast has been foster families and foster kids. The Texas Tribune reports the storm displaced hundreds of foster families. Meanwhile, flooded roads made it difficult for some state caseworkers to meet with at-risk children. Reporter Marissa Evans talked with David Brown, host of public radio's Texas Standard. 
  • The Vietnam War was excruciating from start to finish for combatants on both sides and for the civilians who witnessed the violence. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick set out to memorialize the war through the eyes of these everyday people in their new PBS series, "The Vietnam War." Today on Think, Krys Boyd talked with the filmmakers about what they hope audience members learn from the documentary. 
  • In Fort Worth, performing arts groups are trying experiments in different spaces, new ways to reach audiences. Art&Seek’s Jerome Weeks has been catching up with arts leaders as he prepares to host a State of the Arts conversation next week at the Kimbell Art Museum. He sat down with Anne Bothwell, KERA’s Vice President of Arts, to talk about what he’s hearing

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