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Top Stories: Labor Board Dismisses FW Symphony Claim; Link Between Hunger And Anger

Jul 6, 2016

The top local stories this morning from KERA News: The National Labor Relations Board has dismissed a labor claim against the Fort Worth Symphony’s management. The musicians' union filed the claim in March, when management and musicians were in contentious contract talks.

After musicians conducted a sit-in at the symphony office, keycards were changed. That kept musicians out of Bass Hall and a room of their instruments and personal property. Musicians filed a complaint.

But the NLRB found that  keycard changes were made by the building land lord, a third party property owner, not symphony management.

Martha Kinard, regional director of the NLRB, dismissed the charge and issued a statement saying that there wasn’t evidence to support the musicians’ claim.

Last week, symphony managers and musicians agreed to get help from a federal mediator in their contract talks. 

Other stories this morning:

  • New research shows that children who often go hungry - are more likely to have impulsive, violent behavior while growing up and later in life. Alex Piquero, professor of criminology at UT-Dallas, talks about his study which is among the first to link childhood hunger with violence.

  • Vickery Meadow in Northeast Dallas is on the cusp of major change. Plans are underway to transform the neighborhood, which was thrown into the spotlight a couple of years ago when a man was diagnosed with Ebola.

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KERA's Bill Zeeble contributed to this report.