Top Stories: The Controversy Surrounding Civil Asset Forfeiture In Texas | KERA News

Top Stories: The Controversy Surrounding Civil Asset Forfeiture In Texas

May 15, 2017

The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

Civil Asset Forfeiture lets law enforcement agents seize property and cash they suspect is related to criminal activity – without proving the crime itself. Law enforcement calls it a vital tool in the war on drugs. Critics on the left and the right say it’s a practice prone to abuse.

Two states have banned asset forfeiture and nearly a dozen have restricted its use. During the Legislative session in Austin, there’s a bipartisan effort to add Texas to that list. KERA’s Christopher Connelly has the story, starting with one woman whose life was turned upside down by the forfeiture process.

Other stories this evening:

  • Texas is asking the federal government to reverse course and fund a state-run women's health program that excludes Planned Parenthood. It marks an apparent test of the Trump administration over abortion policy. The state is seeking a waiver to restore millions of federal Medicaid dollars that were blocked under President Obama in 2011 after the state's family planning program booted abortion providers.

  • Benedict Arnold is so infamous that his name became a euphemism for betrayal. Today on Think, Krys Boyd talked with historian Nathaniel Philbrick about the role Arnold played in America’s origin story. 

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