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Tighter Security At Dallas City Hall Could Create Lines To Get In

Jan 23, 2013

Dallas City Hall is ramping up security after recent mass shootings in Connecticut, Colorado and elsewhere.

The City Council has approved $80,000 for two x-ray scanners to check bags and briefcases. City officials also plan to route everyone through two doors. Currently, there are 20 entrances to City Hall. 

Council member Sandy Greyson brought up concerns of some constituents. 

"They feel strongly that this is a public building and we should not be making it more difficult for citizens to enter the building and make use of the services within the building, Greyson told council colleagues.  "And I think those are some legitimate concerns.”

Councilman  Dwaine Caraway argued for the new security measures.

"Under the auspices of what is currently happening in the country and the world, fools are everywhere. And you never know who is going to be the fool of the day," Caraway said.  "So, our responsibility is to make sure that we're doing every single thing that we possibly can."

The purchase of the scanners was approved without opposition.  

City officials say the changes are necessary to protect 2,000 city employees, elected officials and citizens.

After delivery of the scanners, entry to City Hall will be restricted. One, or both of the entrances may be at the backside of City Hall, nearest the metered parking lot.  That decision is pending.