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Texas Democrats Ready To Rally In Charlotte

Sep 4, 2012

The Democratic National Convention convenes today in Charlotte, North Carolina. A first-time delegate from Fort Worth is anxious to bump up the profile of Texas Democrats.

Keith Annis from Fort Worth is a delegate from Senate District 10. He says he plans to be loud and proud at the convention to show a nationwide audience there is a vibrant Democratic party in Texas. Annis says Texas is a longtime Republican “red” state, with a late primary; and definitely not a key political battleground. At least not yet, he says.

“With the demographic trends and with just the general trends that we’re seeing in Texas, you know Texas Democrats have -- every four years things are getting better for us,” Annis said. “So I believe Texas will be in play a lot sooner than some people think.”

Annis says he’s also eager to hear party leaders rebut some of the things said at the Republican convention last week. He says it’s good to go second.

“The first convention kind of whets the appetite for the American public,” Annis said. “So to see what the other party has said it’s a great opportunity to follow that. So, I would much rather go second in this scenario.”

Annis says the highlight will definitely be Thursday when the convention moves from the arena venue to Bank of America Stadium and a bigger, public audience for the nomination acceptance speech of President Obama.