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Texas Aggressively Purges Voter Registration Files

More than 1.5 million Texans could be removed from the state's list of registered voters if they fail to vote or update their records in consecutive federal elections.

Already, one in 10 voters in Texas had their registration suspended, and for people under 30, the number doubles to one in five, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

Federal law requires states to keep up-to-date voter records. But the Chronicle reports Texas relies on outdated computer programs and faulty methods to do this, resulting in errors.

In fact, 21 percent of voters who received letters saying they would be purged from the rolls were able to prove their validity, according to the newspaper's analysis of U.S. Election Assistance Commission data.


Dallas Zoo to open $1.4M animal nutrition center

More than 2,000 creatures small and large at the Dallas Zoo will soon have a new facility to help them stay healthy and eat right.

The Dallas Zoo on June 13 will open its $1.4 million William M. Beecherl Animal Nutrition Center. Zoo officials on Monday said a grant from the Eugene McDermott Foundation also contributed to the 7,900 square foot complex.

Authorities say the center is expected to help increase food production and save money through more efficient processes, such as menu planning and prep. The center will include additional cooling and dry storage space, an enclosed loading dock and a small, edible plant garden.

The Dallas Zoo feeds more than 400 species, in addition to keeping up with weight and body conditions of the animals.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit exceeds 250M riders

A longtime Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail line user has been honored as the 250 millionth rider since the system opened in 1996.

Transit officials were on hand Monday to greet commuter Don Johnson of DeSoto, a city south of Dallas. Johnson was surprised at Union Station in downtown Dallas.

Johnson, who works north of Dallas in Richardson, says he's been riding DART for 10 years and began due to the cost of gasoline. He was randomly selected by DART staff to represent all riders on the 72-mile system.

Johnson was given four DART passes for July, plus tickets for attractions along the rail line, such as the Dallas Zoo and Fair Park.

DART, with the state's largest municipal rail system, serves Dallas and a dozen surrounding cities.


Joseph Haggar Jr., ex-slacks czar, dead at 87

Former Haggar Clothing Co. chief executive Joseph Haggar Jr., whose company popularized casual pants called "slacks" and who helped clothe President Lyndon B. Johnson, has died at his Dallas home at age 87.

A family statement said Haggar died Friday. His daughter, Lydia Novakov, told The Dallas Morning News that her father died at his Dallas home of heart disease.

The Dallas-based apparel maker was founded by Hagar's father, a Lebanese immigrant, in 1926. Young Joe Haggar joined the family company at age 14 and, except for World War II service and study at the University of Notre Dame, remained with the company until his retirement in 1995.

Among LBJ's recently released telephone recordings were calls he made to Haggar to order slacks.

A Wednesday memorial Mass is scheduled.