Terrell Police Release 911 Calls From October Killing Spree

Nov 12, 2013

Terrell police have released recordings of 911 calls that came in the night Charles Brownlow Jr. killed five people at four locations. 

In one call, a couple barricaded in a back bedroom can be heard begging police to hurry.  Kris Humphreys, a former high school classmate of Brownlow’s, had heard from a neighbor that Brownlow was suspected of killing his mother earlier in the evening. Humphreys and his girlfriend hid when Brownlow knocked on the door.

The Dallas Morning News reports after Brownlow failed to break down the door, he threw a cinderblock through the front bedroom window and crawled in. He fired several shots at the back bedroom where the couple was hiding.  They were not injured. 

Brownlow was captured a short time later. He remains in jail without bond.

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