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Survey Finds Dallas Children Living With Poverty, Abuse

Dallas, TX – Almost one third of children in Dallas County live in poverty. That's one of the disturbing findings in the annual Children's Medical Center study released this morning. as KERA's Shelley Kofler reports.

According to the report 29 percent of Dallas County children last year were living below the poverty line. That's more than 192,000 children, enough to fill Cowboys Stadium more than twice.

Nearly that many have inadequate food and poor nutrition. And 18 percent have no health insurance which is double the national average.

Even more alarming to the survey team is the dramatic rise in child abuse and neglect. The number of confirmed cases has increased 39 percent since 2000. Last year alone 17 Dallas County children died because of abuse.

The Children's Medical report calls for healthcare reforms that would guarantee access to health care for all children; increased reimbursement rates for doctors who will treat children covered by Medicaid and CHIP; better pediatric training for medical students and increased immunization.

The study found one third of Dallas County children are not getting all of the recommended shots.

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