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Study: U.S. Economy Has Nowhere to Go But Up

Sep 20, 2012

Poverty in the U.S. could be slowing after a rough 2011 that saw a slow rebound from the Great Recession. 

NPR’s Two-Way blog breaks down the numbers from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey

So what next? Hiring isn’t yet strong enough to push down the employment rate, according to the AP. And as for Texas’ specific struggles, the Center for Public Policy Priorities released a report early this year that casts Texas as an “asset poor” state. That means many Texans are starting with little to no savings to fall back on.

DMA Honors 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination with Intimate Exhibit

Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill is the last surviving person to have arrived at Parkland with President John F. Kennedy’s limousine after he was shot in 1963. Accordingly, he’s charged with rehashing gruesome details to members of the media, something he says is still painful.

In April at the Sixth Floor Museum, I heard a reporter ask Hill what he thought Dallas should do next year to mark the 50th anniversary of the president’s death. He said he just wanted residents to remember the king and queen of Camelot as Americans had imagined before Kennedy’s death. To Hill, who wrote a book about his delicate bond with Jacqueline Kennedy, they were just as majestic and graceful up close.

Perhaps Hill will be touched to know the Dallas Museum of Art will open an exhibit of the art John and Jacqueline saw their final morning together. Fort Worth art appreciators had assembled the stunner collection for the pair’s hotel room. Those works make up “Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy,” which opens May 26 and will run through the beginning of September. After that, it moves to the Amon Carter in Forth Worth. Hat tip to Frontburner