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Study Up For 'Think:' Taken By Alternate Realities

Mar 26, 2013

Are sites like Facebook monetizing the purest things about us as humans? Writer Douglas Rushkoff believes that so fervently, he relinquished that outlet of promotion for his work and deleted his profile. He talks with ‘Think’ host Krys Boyd at noon about his fears behind Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now.

“Facebook has never been merely a social platform. Rather, it exploits our social interactions the way a Tupperware party does,” Rushkoff writes for CNN. “Facebook does not exist to help us make friends, but to turn our network of connections, brand preferences and activities over time -- our "social graphs" -- into money for others.”

This is just one of the concerns Rushkoff has about the way we program ourselves to a new public immediacy. Read an introductory excerpt from Present Shock.

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