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Study Up For 'Think': Self-Presentation When Everyone's An Artist

May 8, 2013

We might apologize for selfies, but we still post them generously. Is the trend just a new way to express narcissistic values, or does it borrow purpose from a movement in the contemporary art world? We’ll hear from Gabriel Ritter, curator at the Dallas Museum of Art which is currently exhibiting the career retrospective Cindy Sherman, at noon. He'll be joined by Erin K. Freeman, who studies narcissism and peer assessment at the University of Dallas and Jordan Frith who focuses on social media and location and image-based apps like Instagram at the University of North Texas.

Yesterday, I asked for selfies from each of our guests. They all came through within hours - click through the slideshow to see each of them uncropped.

Ritter speaks about the genre of self-portraiture and contemporary non-Western artists at the DMA Thursday at 7:30. Find tickets here.

Cindy Sherman runs through June 9.

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