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Study Up For 'Think': Meet The Palestinian Artists Behind SMU's Current Exhibit

Sep 15, 2014

Palestinians make up a significant part of Israel’s population at 20 percent. Artists in the Palestinian community have shared stories and experiences in the face of conflict in the region through various mediums. SMU's Pollock Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit “Where Are You From?” that runs until September 26. Exhibition curator Noah Simblist and participating artist Aissa Deebi join Krys Boyd today at 1 p.m. on Think.

Deebi’s work has looked at immigration and alienation. His piece The Trial from 2013 is a two-channel video installation based on Palestinian Communist Daoud Turki’s story, who in 1973, was put on trial by an Israeli court in 1973. The short film is available through Vimeo.

Kamal Aljafari is another artist whose work features in the exhibition. His 2006 film The Roof looks at the experiences of his family members in cities with a mixed population, Ramleh and Jaffa. Watch a short excerpt of the film below.

Dor Guez’s pieces complete the exhibition. Watermelons Under the Bed follows the story of his grandparents’ displacement in 1948.  His Christian Palestinian and Jewish Tunisian background inspired 40 Days, which includes video and photographs linked to his grandfather’s death and the desecration of a Christian Palestinian cemetery. To understand the inspiration behind his work, listen to him speak in his Artis profile.

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