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Study Up For ‘Think’: ‘Male’, ‘Female’, or ‘None Specified’?

Sep 5, 2013

“It’s Chelsea, not Brad.” That’s what Army Private Chelsea Manning declared after she was convicted and sentenced to military prison as Bradley Manning for her role in leaking classified documents to the WikiLeaks website. Chelsea is one of the estimated 700,000 Americans who identify as transgender: people whose gender identity or expression is different than the sex that is listed on their birth certificate. At noon on KERA 90.1, three members of North Texas' transgender community join Think host Krys Boyd to school us on preferred terms, the distinctions between gender identity and sexual orientation, and to share how they, their families, and their friends dealt with the change. 

How can we better understand the terms and realities of transgender life? CNN posted 5 things to understand about gender identity when Manning made headlines. And themes of courage, liberation, self-acceptance and inspiring support can be found in the personal stories of those who transition: Parker Marie Molloy writes about her experience coming out as transgender and transitioning in this piece for Salon.

On today with Think host Krys Boyd is counselor and North Texas Youth Connection case manager Renee Baker; electronics engineer and transsexual woman Liz Larsen, who's a wife and a parent; and Carter Brown, Founder and Executive Director of Black Transmen, Inc.

UPDATE: The full conversation is posted here

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