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Study Up For 'Think': History In The Age Of Easy

Feb 25, 2013

How has the digital age affected publishing and our culture? Storied editor and thinker Lewis Lapham talks to Krys Boyd at 1 p.m. about the consequences of immediacy as a way of life. Lapham led Harper's magazine for almost 30 years.

To track how much media has evolved -- behind the oft-debated printing-press-to-mobile-device progression -- look at Lapham's own career, and how he's managed to keep a value on history in context with current events. He reminisced with Alec Baldwin for WNYC's Here's The Thing about creating the famous quick-fact list series "Harper's Index," then a progressive move in form and content. And now, Lapham produces a podcast for Bloomberg that casts view of historians and scholars on stories in the news.

Lapham speaks tonight at the Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture. He'll stick around to lecture at UTD Tuesday evening as part of the BrainHealth series.

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