Study Up For 'Think:' Are Candy-Loving Kids Budding Drug Addicts?

Oct 31, 2013

Most parents know the sugar-spike-and-crash-cycle well enough to keep candy on the top shelf. But are the kids who fill their buckets most enthusiastically for Halloween the same ones who'll end up addicted to crack or heroin as adults? Is the frenzy over sugar consumption warranted or overblown? Samira Kawash wanted to know how - and why - our attitudes have changed about candy.

Read an excerpt from her book Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure via Slate before Kawash joins Think host Krys Boyd at noon. Turns out there are studies that tie sugar to addictive behavior or milder compulsion, and others that show  junk food is harmful in a more indirect way by causing people to overeat. The term "food addiction" is muddy though, and many hope to narrow the definition.

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