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The Story Of Thundersnow, Or, What The Heck Happened This Morning

Jan 15, 2013

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Battles in the sky, speaking out on depression, George W. Bush Center's opening draws nearer, and more.

Hearing thunder crash and looking out the window to find a blanket of snow on your lawn is a special kind of disorienting. There's a name for it: thundersnow. Such an event in North Texas this morning caused a minor inconvenience on area roads and played into a system that delayed and canceled flights in the four corners. But the ethereal strata that produced the thunder, lightning, and snow is worth some study.

The Weather Channel's Greg Forbes has a look at the dance of the unstable cloud layers.

  • How does denial of depression perpetuate the cycle of despair? Commentator Rawlins Gilliland explores how wounded children produce damaged adults who don't heal until they seek help. That powerful essay comes a day after Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings announced  that the city will host a mental health symposium at City Performance Hall on Feb.5. KERA and The Dallas Morning News are co-sponsors.
  • Just 100 days remain until the George W. Bush Presidential Center opens at SMU. The gala festivities for the library, museum, policy institute and 15-acre park are set for April 25-27; it all opens to the public May 1. [DMN ]
  • Beware, Tollway scofflaws: The NTTA wants to block some folks with more than 100 unpaid tolls from renewing their vehicle registrations. If approved by the Legislature, the bill would affect Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant county vehicle owners. [FTWST]
  • The governing body for the sport of cycling is urging Lance Armstrong to tell his story to an independent commission [AP] His revealing interview with Oprah airs Thursday and Friday. [NPR]