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Storms Usher In Spring

Mar 20, 2012

After more than five inches of rain pummeled Dallas, a churning torrent blasted over the White Rock Lake spillway Tuesday. Pancho Guffy watched, in awe of Mother Nature.

Guffy: It’s energizing and recharging to see Mother Earth bring all of this water to us.

Not everyone was so mesmerized by all of the water, hail and wind that swept through North Texas Monday night.

Not far from the spillway Dallas fire officials had to rescue a homeless man trapped by rising waters.

Mansfield reported two high water rescues of people in cars.

Floodings closed 19 roads in Collin County and many other streets and crossings throughout the region.

At one point Oncor reported power outages for more than 17,000. Some 35 flights were cancelled at DFW and Love Field halted take offs and landings.

By Tuesday afternoon both airports said operations were nearly back to normal. Oncor had restored power to most of the customers who lost it because of the storm.

At the spillway Panco Guffy reflected that all the activity wasn’t such an unusual way to usher in spring.

Guffy: It’s like spring showers bring May flowers.