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Special Series - Cheese Heroin: A Deadly Addiction

Dallas, TX –

Part One:
With school back in session, medical professionals and educators are concerned an increasing number of students will become addicted to cheese heroin. Students come in contact with the drug at school, and recently cheese heroin fatalities have spread beyond Dallas to other North Texas communities. KERA's Sujata Dand begins a three-part series, "Cheese Heroin: A Deadly Addiction," by talking to girls who got hooked.

Part Two:
The cheese heroin crisis in North Texas has caught many medical professional off guard. They're stunned to find victims as young as nine years old. What does the future hold for these children?

Part Three:
Medical professionals say children addicted to cheese heroin are being turned away from residential treatment programs. Their concerns are part of a dispute over the best way to help the young addicts recover.

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