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Rick Perry To Businesses: Skip Cali. Come Down To Texas

Feb 6, 2013

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Perry's sassy radio ad running on California stations; how leaders are helping erase the stigma of mental illness, the disappearance of Saturday mail service and more.

Psst, California radio listeners. Governor Rick Perry's got a tip for ya. "Building a business is tough. But I hear building a business in California is next to impossible." 

Subtle, right?  Perry is entreating Californians to migrate to Texas for its low taxes and sensible regulations in an ad launched this week.  So why the push for California, if we've got so much going on here? Because it's still the only state with a bigger business economy than Texas.

California Governor Jerry Brown retorted, saying the British, the Russians -- "everybody with half a brain" -- are coming to California with their businesses.  Listen to the story from Morning Edition.

  •  If you weren't at City Performance Hall for the mind-blowing "Erasing The Stigma: Mental Health And The Search For Solutions" discussion, there are multiple ways to be enlightened. Visit our live blog for a roundup of startling facts -- "Boys take their own lives four times as much as girls do," according to panelist and mental health advocate Vanita Halliburton, whose own son was a casualty of bipolar disease. KERA's BJ Austin has a recap with info about North Texas' destitute status in Texas' already poor mental health funding. And join the exchange still happening on Twitter: #erasingthestigma.
  • The U.S. Postal Service won't be providing Saturday service anymore as of August 5. That means the gift you forgot to send won't have that last chance to show up the morning of your nephew's birthday party, if you've used USPS. Maybe we'll get better about writing letters as these chances diminish. It used to be pretty darn important. [NPR]
  • It's national signing day. That means high-school seniors will be choosing their own futures and changing those of the athletic departments at colleges around the country. The Dallas Morning News is tracking all the drama and triumph with live updates and photos.
  • A monkey showed up uninvited to a home in Wise County. Except it wasn't a monkey like the resident believed -- even better. It was a kinkajou. The nocturnal mammal can turn its feet around to run backward and forward. [NBCDFW]