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Relive Rick Perry’s Oops And Gaffes In This Video

Jan 2, 2015

Five stories that have North Texas talking: relive Rick Perry's gaffes in a video; the new bag fee is in effect for Dallas; exploring 2014’s top albums; and more.

Gov. Rick Perry will soon be leaving office – relive some of his gaffes through the years. The Texas Tribune has produced a video: “Gov. Rick Perry has given public remarks countless times over his long tenure. Most have gone off without a hitch. But he'll be best remembered for these gaffes or gasp-worthy moments that left him with some explaining to do.” Here’s the video:

  • The new Dallas carry-out bag ordinance is now in effect. KERA’s BJ Austin reports: “Customers at Dallas stores are being charged a nickel for every single-use plastic or paper bag they take home. The goal is to be ‘greener’ and cut down on plastic-bag litter. Outside a Kroger near downtown, Tara O’Connor says she doesn’t mind the new fee. ‘I think it’s totally reasonable – five cents. We need to stop doing this, me included.’ Shopper Christy Wilson takes the other side. ‘I think it’s ridiculous. I actually live in Fort Worth. And I shop here at lunch. It’ll prevent me from shopping in Dallas.’” If you want to avoid the bag fee, bring your own from home. Read more from The Dallas Morning News.
  • What are the best Texas wines of 2014? Texas Monthly’s Jessica Dupuy sampled more than 150 Texas wines. She reports: “Despite the agricultural difficulties facing the wine industry over the past few years, I found that there will still a number of standouts being produced—especially among the reds. … The whites, however, didn’t fare so well, no surprise considering that these grapes were the ones most affected by that late freeze.”