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RECAP: President Obama Makes Announcement On Health Care

Nov 14, 2013

President Obama announced this morning that Americans who have had their health insurance plans canceled because of his Affordable Care Act can keep those plans for another year if they wish.

Those cancellations — most effective on Jan. 1 — have sparked intense criticism of the ACA, in part because the president pledged many times that if Americans liked the health plans they had, they wouldn't have to give them up under the terms of his program.

Obama also said that problems with the website and with the cancellations of some American's health insurance policies are "on me," NPR reported.

Several times in remarks at a White House news conference, the president turned to football analogies.

"We fumbled the rollout on this health care law," he said at one point.

The decision was designed to ease the impact on millions of consumers who have received cancellation notices in recent weeks, and also to try to redeem a presidential promise that anyone who wanted to keep his coverage under the law would be allowed to do so, the Associated Press is reporting.

We streamed NPR's live coverage this morning. Here's continuing online coverage from NPR.

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