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Rangers Fans Dressed For Success

Dallas, TX – Game Six of the World Series will be played Thursday night after a "rain-out" Wednesday. KERA's BJ Austin says because of the postponement, fans have an extra day to get decked-out in Rangers shirts and hats!

Business has been good the past couple of weeks at the Rangers Store in uptown Dallas. Brad Linum came during his lunch break to buy a birthday gift for his girlfriend: an Ian Kinsler jersey. And he wanted to see what "new" Rangers stuff is in the pipeline.

Linum: I have a couple of World Series hats and I'm looking to see if they know what type of gear they're going to get for when after we win.

Downtown, Richard Sherman and Rodney Johnson wore Rangers gear instead of their regular shirts and ties.

Sherman: Ah, a Josh Hamilton shirt. I bought it about three days ago for the World Series.

Johnson: I heard that if we wore a jersey today, we could wear jeans. So, I borrowed a shirt from my son. So, that's kinda where this one came from.

At Corbin Gammill's office, the dress code IS Texas Rangers.

Gammill: I work for a real estate company. We have about 500 employees here. And we were encouraged to show our colors and drop the business slacks when we have a game day.

Decked out in his Josh Hamilton jersey, Rick Reyna says he's ready for the Rangers to bring that World Series trophy home with a Game Six win.

Reyna: I was nervous with the last game. I was biting my nails. But we pulled it off. So, I'm pretty confident about the Rangers.

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