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Profile: Sean Hubbard

Democrat Sean Hubbard

Residence: Dallas

Professional/Political Experience: University of Texas at Dallas, BA, Government and Politics; Strategy Director, Molera for Congress Campaign, 2002; Worked on Obama Dallas Field Plan 2008.

Texas ConnectionBorn in Austin; Raised in Scurry; Baled hay on grandfather’s farm.

Why I am the best candidate: I feel it is time that everyday Texans are represented in Washington.  I come from a hardworking Texas family that includes farmers, carpenters, teachers, postal workers and small business owners. I will always be clear, open and honest on where I stand on any issue and promise not to play Washington games.  I will vote for what I feel is right and not the way some lobbyist tells me to vote.

Top Priorities: Creating good paying jobs; Improving the quality and accessibility of public education; Ensuring access to affordable, quality healthcare.   

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