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In Plano, Perry Stands Behind Call for Controlled Spending

Apr 18, 2012

In Plano today, Governor Rick Perry defended his call for a constitutional amendment that would limit state spending.  Perry’s Texas Budget Compact would only allow increased spending to pay for population growth and inflation in Texas.

Perry returned to familiar turf at a Chamber of Commerce lunch, saying Texas needs to control its spending because Washington might not.

Perry:  Even though we’re performing better than any other state in the nation, that we don’t take what’s going on in Texas as a license to go and spend all that extra money. Because nobody knows what’s going to happen at the national level.

U.S. Senate candidate and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst signed on to Perry’s budget compact last night.  The lieutenant governor is one of two key legislators who will lead the state budget process when lawmakers meet in January.  The other, House Speaker Joe Straus, says the goal of limiting spending is a good one but he declined to sign the compact.

Perry’s plan would also prohibit lawmakers from shifting state money collected for a purpose like roads to pay for other programs.