Park Cities Man Dies of West Nile | KERA News

Park Cities Man Dies of West Nile

Jul 19, 2012

A second West Nile virus death is reported in Dallas County.  

Health officials say the man was in his 80’s and lived in the Park Cities zip code.

This season’s first death from the mosquito-transmitted illness was announced Monday – a Dallas man in his 60’s who lived in the Uptown/Ross Avenue-Haskell zip code near downtown.

Dallas County Health Department director Zack Thompson says people need to take this West Nile season very seriously.

“Prevention is going to be the best defense going forward,” Thompson  said . “We just encourage Dallas County residents to hear this warning and take it very seriously and mosquito-proof themselves, their home.”

Thompson says wear an EPA approved mosquito repellant, avoid outdoor activities at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active – or wear long sleeves and pants, as well as repellant. Also, drain all standing water where mosquitoes could breed.

So far, Dallas County has 26 human cases of West Nile. Tarrant reports 23; Denton, 17 and Collin County reports four cases.