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Obama In Duncanville

Duncanville, TX – Bill Zeeble, KERA reporter: In what's become his patented voter rally speech, Obama repeated his themes of change and hope for the country, saying it's time for both, with him in the lead.

Candidate Barack Obama: I promise I'll introduce legislation my first year to make sure everybody gets health care, that' I'll work to make sure we have a strong energy policy. I'm going to call in my joint chiefs of staff, they have a new mission and that is to carefully, honorably get our troops out of Iraq.

Zeeble: The candidate's speech in the school's gym prompted several standing ovations, when he spoke of increased financial aid to college bound students, and helping with underfunded public schools. The crowd was predominantly African American but Obama's message was not tailored to people of color, according to supporter Michael Davis, who's black.

Michael Davis, I feel like he has one message no matter who is in the camp. When there have been other states where there was a minimum of African Americans in the state, like Iowa, new Hampshire, and Vermont, it was the same message, about bringing our country together no matter who's in the audience.

Barack Obama is in Fort Worth today, and Hillary Clinton is in Houston. Early voting ends tomorrow and primary election day is next Tuesday, March 4th. Bill Zeeble KERA news