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NTTA Board Vote Could Fund Member's Legal Fees

Dec 21, 2011

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) board has passed a cryptic measure that appears to authorize the NTTA to pay legal fees for a board member. 

News reports have indicated the fees may be linked to an ongoing FBI investigation mentioned in an audit of the agency.

NTTA Chairman Ken Barr refused to explain the board’s vote when asked if the agency can use public dollars to pay for legal fees at this stage of a criminal investigation.

"The board has met with our lawyers, and there’s no reason to believe this agency is not operating within state law," Barr said.  "We’ll have a written statement for you within a few minutes."

Barr made that statement at 3:20 Wednesday afternoon.  KERA News will follow up once the NTTA has released its statement. 

The NTTA has not disclosed which board member requested paid legal assistance.  Barr said board member David Denison left a closed door executive session on the issue prior to the vote.