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Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Includes Custom Motorcycle, $400,000 India Trip

Oct 7, 2015

The 89th Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog, known as the ‘book,’ just came out. And while there’s no His and Hers Beechcraft planes for $176,000 – those are from 1960 --  there is a $90,000 trip to the edge of space. Here’s the latest from the Dallas-based luxury chain.

Those fantasy gifts, like the famously ridiculous $20 million custom submarine, have generated publicity for decades. Neiman Marcus Vice President Ginger Reeder says the Christmas Book continues to work.  

“It is the still the No. 1 story about Neiman Marcus,” Reeder says. “We have from time to time thought, ‘Is his and hers’ still relevant; should we do something different?' And we always come back to ‘We can’t give it up.'”

One might think Neiman Marcus can’t give up the profits from those fantasy items. Reeder asks what profits?  

“These gifts are not chosen for their sales potential,” Reeder says. “They’re chosen for their publicity value. So, this is not a money maker.”

Take the $150,000 custom motorcycle from a company Keanu Reeves helped build. An arts charity for kids will get $5,000, or 1/30th of the total price. The bike comes with a two-day California road trip with the actor.  

The priciest item? A 12-day India vacation at five-star hotels with custom air travel within the country. Reeder creates these fantasies and says she’s always looking for something extra.

“When you go to Mumbai, you will have a Bollywood dance lesson that’ll be videotaped and so you will come away with a skill,” Reeder says. “And so you’ll be working with a Bollywood dance instructor who’ll be teaching you moves.”

The price tag on that India trip? $400,000. Reeder says the catalog just went out to almost a million of Neiman Marcus’ best customers. 

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