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More Texans Registering to Vote

Dallas, TX – Excitement over the Presidential contest seems to have prompted many new voters to register in Texas.

Today is the last day to register if you want vote in Texas' March 4 Primary.

Secretary of State Phil Wilson says Texas added 100-thousand new voters to the roles in January. And if primaries tomorrow don't determine the party nominees, the turnout in Texas should be strong.

Sec. of State Phil Wilson: "If Super Tuesday does not resolve who the nominees are, I think Texas will be very much in play. We're a delegate rich state. People want the delegates, and it could to a brokered convention in the summer which means every delegate matters even more.

KERA will be watching the Super Tuesday vote tomorrow. Then join us Wednesday at 6:00 pm for Texas and the Presidential Election , a half-hour Voter's Voice special that explores the impact Texas may have on choosing the next president.