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Miles Aims High For DISD's Future

May 10, 2012

New Dallas Superintendent Mike Miles gave his first presentation to the school board Thursday. He's got some ambitious goals, and he hopes to achieve them by the end of the decade. 

Miles said he wants 90 percent of DISD students to graduate by the year 2020 and wants 60 percent to score at least a 21 on the ACT college entrance exams.  He said only some 13 percent achieve that score now. 

"Indeed, this is the most important work of our time," Miles said. " We want to have the highest college and career ready percentage of graduates of any large urban district in the nation by the year 2020." 

Miles also outlined reforms to achieve his goals, and said if teachers cannot raise student achievement and offer high quality instruction, they cannot teach in Dallas. Miles said he’ll tweak his plans after working with the staff, and present them again next month. 

Below is Thursday's presentation:

Destination 2020 -- 10 May 2012