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Mayor On Nasher/Tower Dust-Up: 'Time's A-Wastin'!'

Feb 4, 2013

The Nasher Sculpture Center opens a new, prestigious exhibit this Saturday, called “Ken Price Sculptures: A Retrospective.” And temporary mesh panels will be installed on the exhibit hall ceiling to protect the brightly colored ceramic sculptures from the sun’s glare reflected off the Museum Tower next door.

It's year two of the glare standoff between the Nasher and the condo tower's owner, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board. And Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is disappointed things aren’t moving.

“We want to sell out all the units in Museum Tower, and we want to make sure Nasher goes back to where they’ve been,” he said Monday. “And to do those things we’ve got to have a spirit of cooperation. I’ve got a sense of urgency about this. I want to get this done before summer, and time’s a wastin’!”

Rawlings doesn’t expect any movement until the Pension Board makes a decision on ownership of the tower. Dallas developer Jack Matthews has made a bid. That decision could come as early as the Pension Board meeting next week. The Nasher supports the Matthews bid.