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Katy Trail Robberies Prompt Extra Police Presence

May 14, 2012

Dallas Police are stepping up patrols on the Katy Trail after three people were robbed at gunpoint in a 7-hour span over the weekend. 

Investigators believe the two suspects may be responsible for as many as 11 similar robberies.

About 11:30 Saturday night two suspects punched and robbed a man on Travis just off the trail. About 2am, a 28 year old woman was robbed at gunpoint as she was leaving the Katy Trail Ice House on the trail at Routh Street. Then Sunday morning a 34 year old jogger, on the trail near Blackburn, found a gun pointed at his head as two men took his iPhone and cash.

Christine Shirer frequently runs the Katy Trail. She says the robberies are very upsetting.

Shirer: It’s frightening because I run a lot by myself out here. I think I’m safe during the day, but maybe I’m really not.

Scott Smitherman and Mark Manley, walking the trail, say you can’t be too careful.

Smitherman: You know we’re in a big city. There’re parts of this trail that are kind of secluded and little more covered by the trees and dark. You have to be smart about the timing you’re here.

Manley: It has to be incredibly frightening and alarming for someone. Thankfully, they weren’t hurt and hopefully now people will be more cautious when they’re here.

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano, chair of the Public Safety Committee, says she wants to talk about cameras along the Katy Trail but that will take some study and money.

Medrano: Say okay, where to we need them, how many do we need and how can people and businesses be more active on the Katy Trail.

Medrano says perhaps businesses or civic organizations would be willing to fund cameras or private security.

Extra bike officers and members of the Violent Crime Task Force are now patrolling the trail.

Police describe the suspects as black, 20 to 30 years old; one about six feet tall, the other shorter with a gold tooth and moles near his eyes. Both are armed with handguns, and believed to be in a four-door silver Chrysler or Chevy Impala.