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Judge Will Stay On Contempt Case Against Dallas DA Watkins

Jul 22, 2013

Judge Lena Levario will stay on the contempt case against Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, thanks to a ruling Monday.
Credit Vernon Bryant / Pool photographer, Dallas Morning News

Judge Lena Levario will not have to recuse herself in the contempt case involving Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins.

Administrative Judge John Ovard ruled Monday that the burden of proof had not been met to remove Levario after allegations were made that she  was biased against Watkins.

Watkins' attorneys wanted her kicked off the case after she held him in contempt for refusing to testify in a separate case involving allegations against his office.

During testimony last week, a former county employee said she heard Levario say she was going to "serve Craig Watkins up to the FBI on a silver platter."

Attorneys for Watkins said they won't appeal Ovard's decision. Levario will continue with the contempt case only long enough to file a new contempt order and perhaps set a penalty, but another judge will ultimately make the final decision.