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JFK Voices: Lowering The Flag At 12 Years Old

Nov 19, 2013

As the anniversary of JFK’s assassination grows closer, so do the memories of people in Dallas who welcomed the president to the city where he would die. Many of them were children, who went back to school after hearing the news of Kennedy's death -- their distraught parents didn't know what else to do but take them back. Howard Weiner was one of those kids. He was 12 – a crossing guard for his 7th grade class. His dad insisted Howard not miss school on the morning of November 22, 1963, but his mom picked him up and took him to Love Field to greet President Kennedy.  

Interview highlights

On how he heard President Kennedy died 

We left Love Field and went down the street, and lunch at Prince of Hamburgers. While we were there, a woman in the car next to us seemed to be acting just totally weird. We finally got the windows down to see what her problem was, and she informed us that the president had been shot. By the time I arrived back at school, we’d learned that the president had died.

On his sense of duty as a 7th-grade crossing guard

I was taken back to school because we didn’t know what else to do. I did tell the principal that I was going back outside to lower the flag to half-staff.