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Jeb! Former Presidential Hopeful Spent $130 Million On Fruitless Campaign

Feb 23, 2016

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Jeb Bush’s failed campaign was historically expensive; Dallas plans to spray for mosquitos a month early to take on Zika; it's the 180th anniversary of The Alamo; name the baby gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo; and more.


If Jeb Bush had several million dollars for each state he lost along the campaign trail — Oh, wait. The presidential hopeful suspended his campaign on Saturday, and after a few days calculating the costs, The New York Times figured Bush spent $130 million on his White House bid.

The Times reported: “When Jeb Bush formally entered the presidential campaign in June, there was already more money behind him than every other Republican candidate combined. When he suspended his campaign on Saturday night in South Carolina, Mr. Bush had burned through the vast majority of that cash without winning a single state. It may go down as one of the least successful campaign spending binges in history.”

So what was burning a hole in Jeb’s pocket? Well, lots of things, but pizza funds alone totaled $4,837, according to The Times.

Here are the expenses at a glance from The Times:

  • Positive advertising: $84 million
  • Valets: $15,800
  • Clubbing: $94,100
  • People: $8.3 million
  • Branding: $88,387
  • Vegas, Baby: $48,544
  • The Consultants: $10 million
  • Pizza: $4,837

Explore the campaign costs. [The New York Times]

  • Dallas will start spraying for mosquitos a month ahead of schedule due to the emergence of Zika virus. There have been no mosquito-borne Zika virus cases in the United States, but there have been multiple cases transmitted in the U.S. from people that have visited other countries, specifically in South America. Also, there has been one sexually transmitted case confirmed in Dallas County. The early start of the Mosquito Abatement Program will include a public education campaign, starting March 1. You’ll likely hear commercials and announcements telling you to remember the four D’s: “Drain standing water, avoid outdoor activity at dawn/dusk, use mosquito repellent with DEET and Dress with long sleeves, pants.” Read more. [NBC DFW]


  • Today marks the 180th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. For the occasion, My Plates is auctioning off a license plate that reads ALAMO. You know, so you’ll never forget it. “The auction for ALAMO will open [today] at 8 a.m. and close on March 6 at 8 p.m. Proceeds from the auction sale will benefit both the Alamo Endowment Fund and the state General Revenue Fund, therefore benefitting this cherished shrine of Texas liberty, and all the citizens of the State of Texas,” according to a news release from My Plates. More on the online auction.


  • Submit a name for the baby gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo by Wednesday. The zoo wants the community to participate in its “Primate Primary” by submitting a name for the baby western lowland gorilla — the zoo’s first baby gorilla born at the beginning of December. And then the public can vote on the final four names between Feb. 26 and March 9. Put your name in the virtual hat via email, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #fortworthzoonamethegorilla. The winning name will be announced on March 10. More.
  • The trailer for “Pete’s Dragon,” the newest film from Dallas filmmaker David Lowery has been released. Lowery first gained attention at Sundance Film Festival for “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” in 2013, D Magazine reported. Now, he’s making waves in Hollywood for the Disney-budgeted, live-action remake of a 1977 children’s film about an orphan and his dragon friend, Elliott. According to the magazine, “While shooting Pete’s Dragon in New Zealand, Lowery regularly updated an online diary with fascinating details about the production. It’s worth flipping through.” [D Magazine]

“Pete’s Dragon” will be in theaters, starting Aug. 12.