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How Donald Trump's Convention Is Breaking Convention

Jul 21, 2016

Donald Trump will accept the nomination for president tonight at the Republican National Convention. Today on Think, Krys Boyd hosted a two-hour special on the party's nominee and the convention. The episode featured a conversation with NPR’s Sam Sanders from Cleveland and looks at Trump’s background and how he’s rewritten the rules of campaigning.

The Think Special 

Hour 1 

Hour 2

NPR’s Sam Sanders on

… the image Trump has portrayed at the convention:

“Nothing about this man screams normal, so why would we expect him to have a normal convention with the normal platitudes and the things you expect to hear about a nominee to seem human … Look at the way he came out to introduce his wife, Melania on the first night. There was dramatic music, dark lights, an epic white backscreen with Trump’s shadow inside of it. He wants to be the biggest celebrity. He does not want to be normal.”    

UT-Arlington political science professor Rebecca Deen on …

… the timing of Cruz’s speech:    

“Rule number one is you don’t give someone that primetime spot without vetting their speech. Number two, you give your archrival a good spot on the first day, not on the third day. And certainly not on the day that your vice presidential person is going to speak. So, those rules were already violated and the notion that Mr. Trump knew that this was going to happen and he had that sort of WWE moment at the end intentionally. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but I confess I was.”      

TCU political science professor James Riddlesperger on ...

… the choice of speakers at the convention:   

“When they were putting the Republican convention together there were so few of the mainstream leaders of the Republican party who were actually available. You know, you would think that George W. Bush would have had a slot. You would have thought that John McCain would have a slot. You would have thought Mitt Romney would have a slot at a normal Republican convention, but none of those leaders are even in room.”