House Version Of Bill Suggests C-130s Could Stay Home

May 8, 2012

Texas' fight to keep eight Air National Guard C-130 airplanes in Fort Worth may be paying off.   In Congress, the House version of the defense spending bill strips out a provision that would transfer the planes to a base in Montana in 2014.

Governor Rick Perry, along with other Gulf Coast governors, says moving the planes would pose a safety risk because they can be used to transport people out of natural disasters, like hurricanes.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price believes it’s also an economic issue.

"They’ve been here a long time, and they have families here, they have crews here," Price said. "We have support crews here with them, which is obviously additional spending and jobs for our local economy."

The Air Force has proposed transferring the C-130 plans as part of a major reorganization designed to reduce military spending.