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The Holiday Tunes That KERA Staffers Most Despise

Dec 14, 2012

It's not that our hearts are two sizes too small. When heard enough, the first few bars of "Little Drummer Boy" can make anyone go Grinch.  Here's a cross-section of opinion from the KERA news staff on the worst holiday songs ever.

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"... especially the FIVE GO-OLD RINGS."

"It's been recorded to death and nobody has brought anything new to that song since Nat Cole did it, what, 50 or 60 years ago."

  • Krys Boyd, Think host and managing editor:  "Santa Baby"

"[It] seems to fly in the face of all that is good and noble about Christmas, and about music."

"My gut reaction is "Little Drummer Boy." But I was actually turned on to a song that's even worse than that."

"Johnny Cash is convincing as someone who's having a blue Christmas, but..."

"It sounds exactly like my neighborhood at three in the morning."

"I'm always shocked that it's already being played. And so really, I have no choice. I have to go home and put lights on the house."

Reporter Bill Zeeble was so devoted to the assignment of choosing his least favorite holiday song that he actually wrote his own piece. He loathes it for its overt political correctness. Check out the lyrics to “It’s A Green Earth Christmas” below.

It’s A Green Earth Christmas

It’s a green earth Christmas

We wanna breathe, not wheeze.

We need pines and cold clean snow,

Not Nox that makes us sneeze.

I like Christmas greenery,

The non polluting kind,

Pure air, blue water and vegan stuff

It needs to be easy to find!

Stop the soot, and brown waterfalls, and rivers that flame at night,

Christmas should be safe and clean, for it we should not fight.

It’s our green-earth Christmas,

That’s all we ask for now,

Recycle, re-use, and don’t abuse

That which we’ve been endowed.