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Holiday Travelers Navigate Airport Obstacles

Nov 21, 2011

Dallas, TX – Three million Texans will be traveling for Thanksgiving this week. KERA's BJ Austin says North Texans with plane tickets will have to navigate construction inside and outside of the two major airports.

AAA-Texas says the anticipated 3.3 million Texans traveling for the holiday is a five percent increase over last year. Most will drive. More than 200 thousand are expected to fly. North Texans catching flights will have to navigate construction at DFW and Love Field. Highway construction on the DFW Connector at the north entrance to DFW Airport will close some access ramps and lanes. The airport's David Magana says travelers should allow more time to actually get into the airport. He suggests they check for the latest closures. And there is some good news.

Magana: We've also got a thousand new parking spaces that are covered in Express North. For travelers who like to use the lower-priced parking product, we've got a thousand new spaces in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday season.

At Dallas Love Field, passengers are contending with construction in and around the terminals. Signs direct passengers through a few "detours". Parking and waiting in front of the terminals is prohibited. Love Field officials say the TSA currently allows pies and cakes through security. But jams and jellies destined for the Thanksgiving table are limited to three ounces in checked baggage only.

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