Health Care Delay Gets Cheers From Fort Worth Business Owner

Jul 3, 2013

The Obama Administration is delaying part of the health-care reform law that requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance.  That's good news for Fort Worth small business owner Grady Payne, CEO of Connor Industries.

“I think the delay is, they’re starting to think it through and they’re seeing the problems with it," says Payne, whom we talked to last summer about the law's impact. "It’s not a logical, well-thought-out plan. So, they’re having trouble with it and that’s why they’re having to delay it.”

Payne says the plan was to start in January and he’s still not clear on the minimum level of coverage he has to offer or how much it would cost the company and employees.

The White House said delaying the requirement until 2015 would give businesses more time to work out the complex reporting requirements mandated by law.

Payne says he anticipates having to hire an additional person just to do that paperwork.